About Nils Rognerud

Hi, it’s Nils here…

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is Nils Rognerud?”

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who went through a point where I decided that I needed to find a good job as a recent arrival in USA.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I was going through a rough time where I had just moved to a new city in California… I was without any big attachments – like car or house payments, but I never seemed to have much money.  Then I looked in the newspaper classifieds and noticed hundreds of jobs for computer programmers.  A bright light when on in my head, and I got very interested in computer science.  (smile)

I quickly bought a computer and taught myself how to write my first computer program in BASIC.  This is many years ago now, but it got me started in a fun and exciting career.  I eventually moved to Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area and settled down and had 3 children.

I now travel around the world (in Asia and Europe) and work remotely from my notebook computer.

I enjoy helping people become proficient with computers, as I believe a career in computer science is a sure way to make a good living – or simply a way to enhance an existing brick-and-mortar business with increased efficiency, emailing or online marketing.

All the best,

-Nils Rognerud
San Francisco, USA

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  • devon

    Spybot search and destroy seem to load a numer of addresses into the host file. Why is this???, and then it won’t let you delete them..

  • Don

    I’m looking for different skins for Spybot, but the links lead to one broken site and another that only downloads the Spybot program.

    The help file says there are two skins but I have never found more than one in any of the last few versions that I installed.

    It would be nice just to change the colors of some of the text. As in there is light blue text on a white background.
    This is not a setting in my Windows 7 64 bit computer.

  • Damon Kaye

    I am having difficulty being redirected by something in my browser. I have run spybot and still it persists. I get redirected to two websites , e-commerce and insurance. I now cant access facebook because of invalid certificates. It has followed me to my present computer and is anoying. It has rendered my laptop useless and as I run my business from it am in trouble. Any suggestions ?

    • I have recently been having good luck using a new software called Spyware Detector. It seems to find computer infections, much better than any other software that I have tried. Your can download and try the free Spyware Detector.

      And, note the software is fully functional and the software is totally free for scanning for a computer malware. There is no need to buy or register to scan your computer.

      • damon

        Thanks Nils , I am downloading it now. I appreciate your care. I try to run my business with as much care factor and i am inspired when I come across the same. You are welcome to add me to any marketing data base you might run , regards.

  • john wagner

    Hi Nils: I have “kaspersky” installed on my computer for virus protection. Would there be any benefit of me using “spybot” free version to do a one time sweep as my computer seems a bit slow. Thanks! John

    • Nils Rognerud

      Kaspersky is good software, and you should never install more than one copy of the anti-virus/spyware software on your computers. You do not want to slow down your computer with too many memory resident software.

      Just continue to use Kaspersky, if you are happy with it.

      If you have a slow computer, you should read the steps on this page: http://softdownloads.com/software-drivers/pc-crashes/

      -Nils (admin)

  • Maria Kemp

    Hi Nils, I am a Senior Citizen and just found your site for Spy Ware protection. I have had some quirky things happening with my computer and felt someone was playing tricks. Like characters being changed as I typed and sentences too. It was very stressful! Now with your knowledge how to check if there is anyone invading my space I can keep a check. Thank you for being you! You are one of the honest men on Earth, the same genorosity as the Apple great man who gave the world the internet/Web. Being elderly I just cannot recall his name Steve Jobs??? Love to you Maria, England Nth. Yorkshire

  • Tina Farrell

    Hi 🙂 l was wondering if you could help with with my laptop,,l have been having problems with it for about 2 weeks now,,l play games on facebook ,,like Battle Pirates,,and for some reason every time l go to pla on the game my laptop shuts right down,,l have done AVG scans,,l have put my laptop back to factor TWICE now thinking l have a virus or worm but everytime it scans it says 0 threats found,,then l have others tellin me its my video card or ram,,l know NOTHING about computers,,all l know is how to turn it on mainly,,lol can you help!!!,,lol lol

    • Nils Rognerud

      It is hard to know exactly what is going on without looking at your computer, but video drivers are frequently a source of problem.

      You should ensure your video drivers are the latest version, or use program like Driver Hide to monitor and alert you when a PC Windows driver software needs to be updated. Read more about it here:


      -Nils (admin)

  • Linda Smock

    I would like to learn more than I know, and some things seems people just won’t tell you. I tried to take computer training and just seem to be spending money I don’t have do you have any suggestions?

  • Tammy

    Hi Nils, I posted a question on your Spyware Doctor thread but would like to applaud you for taking the time and having the patience to assist people who need computer software guidance. I am an old time programmer myself from the 80’s and with all the new technology I too have become lost in the sea of information. With that said I was wondering if you are familiar with the program Revo Uninstaller Pro and if so what your opinion of it is?
    Again thank you for caring.

  • Maureen Kahle
    July 19, 2011 12:58 . Reply

    I have AVG Free installed,do I need
    to install spybot as well.

    • Nils Rognerud

      I do not recommend you install more than one anti-malware program – for example AVG, Spybot or Spyware Doctor.

      Installing more than one anti-malware program may slow down your computer.

      -Nils (admin)

  • Patrick Becker

    You do good work, people like you make the world a better place 🙂

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