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The new version of AVG Free 2011 has dramatically improved the time to install the software, after the downloaded software. There are fewer number of install screens and the time to install is about 5 minutes.

AVG software is still not as good as some competing programs like Spyware Doctor and others, but it is something we can live with since AVG is 100% free to run and use.

I have used AVG for several years, and I like it.

It is also easy to opt-out of the instability and memory issues by the default tool-bars that are offered as part of the install of AVG program.

According to CNet.com, you’re looking at a much slower start-up, fast scans (about 10 mins), a minimal impact on shutdown, and a midrange hit to general system performance with AVG Free.

It seems the new AVG 2011 does a faster scan, installs faster and has some improvements in the interface.

I invite you to try the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition from CNet.com.  But, make sure you download and try the #1 free-to-try Spyware Doctor to compare your results.

Good luck.

Nils Rognerud
Computer Engineer
San Francisco, USA

21 comments to AVG Anti-Virus


    hi there/I prefer Avg 2012 it give us option,s than new/ improve it please


    hi there/I prefer Avg 2012 it give option,s than new/ improve it please

  • my friends have all tried and suggested avg

  • Christina Hofmeister

    I am also not very computer literate. I have Norton Security & Windows Defender. I cannot seem to remove Defender & then the automatic updates will just put it back in my computer. What do I do??

  • san

    I have over 3000 viruses on my laptop and its now running at critical level.Im new to computers and havent got a clue at all how to remove them my anti virus and web guard stopped working and i hadnt realised hense the viruses i am now very much more wiser as to what i click on and download.Please could you advice me thanks.


    Hi – just found your site as I am now tearing my hair out. Not being a fully fledged techno person I now find that my primary email account has been suspended by the server because of spam emails being sent out from my address. How has that happened???? I run (as I was advised to) AGV free version which when I look on their site only covers anti-virus. How do I protect against this in the future please?

  • Tony Wright

    Due to reformat, it has been necessary to re-install all programs. I was using AVG (and re-installed), but also had SkyBot and Malware Bytes. Should I avoid using them? Also does AVG slow up Carbonite backup? The system seems to “get stuck” at times.

    • Nils Rognerud

      Having all of AVG, Spybot and MalwareBytes software will really slow down any activity on your computer.

      Choose one anti-virus software, and remove the others. Your computer will speed up and you will still be safe.

      -Nils (admin)

  • Garry Crist

    I use AVG Internet Security 2012, and I’m very satisfied the way it keeps my system running.

  • JoJo

    Often you remind us to not use more that one anti-malware program, but how do we know which programs are anti-malware and which are anti-virus?
    When Paul asked about AVG & Spyware Dr, you gave that reply. I thought AVG is an anti-virus program, but your reply implies differently.

    • Nils Rognerud

      The definitions for spyware, malware and anti-virus etc have blurred over the years, at least with the consumers – so it is normally OK to say that Spyware Doctor, AVG and Spybot will remove malware, virus, spyware, adware and trojans.

      Just pick one of the highly rated anti-malware programs, and you will be protected from all types of computer infections.

      -Nils (admin)

  • Rita Mushrush

    I tried to download Spyware Doctor but my mac mini said movie could not be opened and the file is not a movie file

  • Paul Johnson

    AVG does not sweep for spyware, right? So that gives cause for installing both AVG Anti-virus and Spyware Dr. Is that a correct application?

    • Nils Rognerud

      You should never install two different anti-malware software. It will slow down your computer for regular use.

      I recommend downloading and testing the different anti-spyware software on this site, and then selecting one software and uninstall the others that you will not use.

      In my own personal experience Spyware Doctor is the most comprehensive anti-malware tool. I have tested AVG, Spybot and others – but I still keep coming back to Spyware Doctor as a solution for cleaning out the most malware, virus and spyware on my computer.

      -Nils (admin)

  • rose stokes

    You recomend the free version of AVG. The only free version I can find is a trial version. Where can I gey the “free” program?

  • Theresa Miller

    I’m going to put AVG on my new computer and give it a try.

  • matt d

    its ok protection but computer is now a creeping slug.

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