SpyBot – Search & Destroy 2.x Available for Download

After 5 years of waiting (the last version of Spybot 1.6.2 was released in 2009) the new Spybot 2.0 offers the following new features – and several performances improvements, for all Windows versions.

What’s New in Spybot – Search & Destroy 2.0 :

· Live Protection is now enabled by default · Performance improvements for

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5 Steps to Cleanup the Disk Drive

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 5 easy steps to clean out some old junk files and free up some disk space:


Delete the old system restore files Use cCleaner to clear out internet browser cache and other junk files. Reduce Recycle Bin space Run

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How do I Boost my PC Startup Speed?

The 536,870,912 byte (512×2 20 ) capacity of these RAM modules is stated as “512 MB” on the label. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The most effective way is to add speed to your PC or buy a newer, faster machine. However, not everyone wants to jump on this option, therefore we suggest the following alternatives:

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How to Uninstall Your Software

Uninstall Sorry (Photo credit: Anne Helmond)

Here we will go through the process of uninstalling your software.

Click Start Click Control Panel Click Add or Remove Programs(Windows XP) or Uninstall a Program(Windows 7/8) Scroll through the list until you find the software you want to install Click on the installed software and click

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How to Prevent PC Crashes

What can we do to speed up the computer and preventing computer crashes?

After installing a good anti-spyware program, I recommend the following actions:

Optimize the Windows Registry file (perhaps the most important system file under Windows) with a registry cleaner program, and check and update the software drivers for the hardware on your computer

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How to start computer in SAFE mode?

If your computer virus is still persisting, even after using an anti-virus/spyware software, you should restart your computer in SAFE mode and run the virus scan again.

Here is a short video with instructions for restarting your computer in SAFE mode:

Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer, and then restart

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