How to Prevent PC Crashes

What can we do to speed up the computer and preventing computer crashes?

After installing a good anti-spyware program, I recommend the following actions:

  1. Optimize the Windows Registry file (perhaps the most important system file under Windows) with a registry cleaner program, and
  2. check and update the software drivers for the hardware on your computer with a program like DriverHive.

For those who do not know; a Windows driver is a small piece of software that “talks” to the different hardware pieces on a computer. For example, there is a driver for the audio and USB sound cards, hard-disks, the keyboard, the mouse and many other hardware pieces, including the computer screen.  There might be 20-50 drivers on a modern computer.

To check the status of all your Windows drivers, consent to download the free-to-try Driver Detective.

If the Windows drivers are out-dated – or even has a software bug, causing intermittent pc crashes – it is important to correct this as soon as possible with a recent update from the hardware vendor.  However, the computer manufacturer will not send an email telling you it is time to update your software driver for a piece of hardware in your computer.

And furthermore, all the hardware pieces on a computer are not made by the same manufacturer, and it quickly becomes a major headache to ensure the computer is running with all the latest software drivers.  So, what can we do?

DriverHive comes to the rescue!  —

This software automates the process of checking your computer for all the drivers it can find on your computer, against a huge database of drivers and hardware equipment.  It then will give you a choice to update your software drivers automatically.

Download the free trial to DriverHive now, and remember you do not need to spend any money for scanning your computer to see if your drivers are up-to-date.

-Nils Rognerud

Software Engineer
San Francisco, California, USA

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