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Date: January 13, 2020

From: Nils Rognerud, Software Developer
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Spybot software – also called Spybot S&D, or Spybot Search & Destroy – has been popular for many years for removing spyware. The Spybot program is also totally free to try and use.

However, Spybot software is getting mixed reviews on Here is a snippet from the editor review of Spybot software:

“.spybot picture with hat.. the program [Spybot] has the tendency to lock up at times and even during the install process for this review, we encountered several errors. The ambitious feature list and functionality make Spybot a good choice for those in search of a second antispyware program, and recent updates have made it run faster. It still makes errors in flagging spyware that isn’t, and overall there are others in the category that do a better job.”

If you do not believe the CNet editor review of Spybot; I invite you to download Spybot and test it for yourself.

Make sure you test Spybot alongside with SpyHunter, downloadable from the button below – which is one of the new highly rated anti-malware software on the market. You then decide…

You can download and access immediately the “free-to-try” SpyHunter software with Anti-Virus, if you act NOW…  (And, no registration or signup is required):

You may also read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and these easy uninstall instructions.

SpyHunter has been awarded Editor’s Pick Award by  SpyHunter was also awarded with theExcellentreview rating by in 2012.

SpyHunter is Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs and holds the Platinum Product Award. To receive this level of West Coast Labs validation means that SpyHunter has performed well in various tests that show what it can do, in benchmarking tests as well as real-world testing over time.

Good luck and feel free to send me a message or reply in the comment field below.

Nils Rognerud

Software Developer
San Francisco, CA, USA

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