Spyware Doctor Software has been Retired!

For many years I have been recommending Spyware Doctor as the number #1 anti-malware software for Windows computers.  On May 18, 2013 I was sad to learn it was suddenly no longer available.

However, I have found a very good replacement anti-malware software that I can recommend.  It is called SpyHunter software, and you can consent to download a free trial of SpyHunter here:

Download Free Trial of Spyware Hunter

I suspect this sudden disappearance of Spyware Doctor is the result of Symantec buying PCTools in Oct. 2008 – and deciding to clean up their entire product line.  All Spyware Doctor web pages now point to a sale page for Symantec’s own anti-malware software:  Norton Internet Security.

However, all is not lost since we still have SpyHunter anti-malware, which is a very, very good software according to my own testing.

If you’re an existing PC Tools Spyware Doctor customer, you will still  continue to receive support and protection against the latest threats for the length of your subscription for Spyware Doctor.  For all others, just download the SpyHunter software and get a piece of mind.

Nils Rognerud
Software Developer in San Francisco, California, USA

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