What is the top paid anti-spyware software?

Please note that there are a HUGE number of so-called “anti-spyware” spoof programs out there that instead of removing the adware and spyware, install their own computer infection or try to stop real anti-spyware programs from working.

Some of the most “popular” fake anti-spyware programs include: SpyAxe, Antivirus Gold, Spy Trooper, Spy Wiper, Spy Sheriff, Spy Falcon, PSGuard, PAL Spyware Remover, Spy Ban, Win Fixer, World Anti Spy.  You can see a long list of fake spyware programs here:

List of Fake Spyware Programs

Make sure you avoid the above programs – and before downloading any anti-spyware program, do some research on it beforehand in order to make sure it’s not fake.

Do not download freeware or shareware unless you know it’s from a reputable source. We use cnet.com to ensure the software is malware free.


According to download.cnet.com the most popular anti-virus software, sorted by weekly download statistics are:

  1. Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus (which is now retired, but we recommend the free download of SpyHunter Software)
  2. Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper
  3. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+
  4. Vipre Antivirus
  5. AVG Anti-Virus

I have used Spyware Doctor for years, and I can highly recommend it – not only because it is the number one most frequently downloaded anti-spyware software.  It is trouble free, and has always keep my computer protected from malware and computer virus.

All the above software are similar in price (around US $30-50), if you decide to upgrade to the full version – so why not stick with the most popular software (Spyware Doctor), and be done with it?  You can easily spend days fighting to get rid of enoying spyware and computer malware.

Spyware Doctor received “the best results overall” and gained top ranking of number 1 out of the 10 in a review by the top French publication “Micro Hebdo”.

Also, David Flynn from the Sydney Morning Herald reviewed Spyware Doctor in an anti-spyware round-up.  Up against all the most popular anti-spyware solutions, Spyware Doctor was dubbed as “one of the best.”

Spyware Doctor awarded by PC Magazine! After being awarded the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award, Spyware Doctor has been further acclaimed with the “Best of the Year 2009 in the anti-spyware category!

You can not go wrong with Spyware Doctor.  You can download your free trial of spyware doctor.

There is no need to spend money just to check if your computer has a computer virus or not; just download the free trial and find out for sure.  Spyware Doctor will do a full scan of the entire computer of thousands of different types of computer infections.

Good luck.

-Nils Rognerud
Computer Engineer
San Francisco, USA

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