What are the Best Free Anti-Spyware Products?

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Please note that there are a HUGE number of so-called “anti-spyware” spoof programs out there that instead of removing the adware and spyware, install their own

computer infection or try to stop real anti-spyware programs from working.

List of Fake Spyware Programs

Make sure you avoid the above programs – and before downloading any anti-spyware program, do some research on it beforehand in order to make sure it’s not fake.

Do not download freeware or shareware unless you know it’s from a reputable source. I use cnet.com to ensure the software is malware free.

Most Popular “FREE” Anti-Spyware Software

By tabulating the most heavily downloaded free anti-virus software on Cnet.com, I came up with the following short list of most popular software:

  1. PC Tools AntiVirus Free  (but now retired as of June 2013)
  2. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
  3. Avast Free Antivirus
  4. Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus
  5. Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

I have not tried all the 5 software programs, but I have used AVG free edition for years, and like it.  It does not have all the whistles and bells of the most popluar ‘free-to-try’ Spyware Doctor, but it still can do a good job.

Good luck.

-Nils Rognerud
Computer Engineer
San Francisco, USA

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9 comments to What are the Best Free Anti-Spyware Products?

  • Randall

    I use super anti spyware ,and found that it has been fantastic . I had microsoft security essentials ,but it has been sukin lately , and got rid of it ,and put in avast . could”nt be more happier…..

  • Wendi Silvas

    I use McAfee (supplied with my home phone/internet company. I am wondering if this is a good program to run with and be safe using with my current antivirus program?

  • Karl E. Lubke

    I’m just looking for a good, reliable anti-spy/ anti-adware type product that will run smoothly alongside the only Antivirus program I use (Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Thanks !


  • Jackie

    I can vouch for Avast. I’ve used it for about four years now and have never been successfully infected. It notify’s me of any attempt to infect my computer and instantly quarantines the virus, malware, trogan, worm, or whatever else. It updates the virus detection list at least once per day and usually twice per day. once something attacted Avast directly to keep it from loading. A flashing Avast icon alerted me with instructions to correct the problem. I ran a scan to find that Avast managed to quarantine the troublemaker before going down. That’s cool, sort of like saying “you might get me, but I’m taking you with me”.

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